The Curious Palate – Santa Monica

Santa Monica Place, the Market, 3rd Floor, Santa Monica, California

I wanted this space to be light and airy, inviting and warm… contemporary yet comfortable.  Concept, design and woodwork by Stephan Roggenbuck, Bauwerkgreen

All wood is reclaimed Douglas Fir, all finishes natural and organic oils. I felt that a beautiful curved suffet and counter top would create a sensuous invitation to the space, while the floating douglas fir panels would bring a warmth and comfort to the eating area… and indeed they do!

The glass shelves are discreetly inserted into the Douglas Fir wall panel and bring the eye up to the clear plexiglass ceiling which gives the space a lofty height.  The Italian blue glass tiles bring a sparkling sense of calm.

Such a joy to create this space for restaurant owners Mark and Elliot.

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